Our Lord established Marriage as a sacrament, by which human love is raised to the high purpose of being a vehicle for the salvation of the married couple.


By imitating Our Lord’s charity for us: a man and woman “lay down their lives for their friend,” for the happiness of the beloved spouse here on earth and in eternity. Romantic human love is perfected to Christian charity, whereby the husband and wife set aside their self-interest for the betterment and happiness of the other.

Not all couples should be married, as is witnessed by the high divorce rate in our country.

To assist in the preparation for marriage, Saint John’s requires that the couple meet with one of the parish priests monthly for at least six months prior to the hoped for wedding. Either the bride or groom must be a registered member of Saint John’s in order to be married here. The high number of weddings celebrated annually at our parish precludes the acceptance of couples from outside the parish.

Sunday weddings are not permitted.

Couples wishing to marry must meet the following criteria: either the bride or groom must be a baptized Catholic and a registered parishioner at Saint John’s. Neither can have been married before unless a Church annulment has already been obtained. If both parties are Catholic, they must be willing to actively practice their Catholic faith at least by regular attendance at Sunday Mass.

Couples living together before marriage should seriously consider separating during the six-month preparation period.

To learn more, download the engaged couple letter or please call the Rectory and speak with one of the priests for more information or to begin the preparation for your wedding.